• Duotone
  • Duotone

Duotone - artwork by Calina Lefter

Oil, acrylic and enamel on canvas
Dimensions (cm)
120W x 100H x 4 D cm
(Single pannel - Cotton deep canvas)
Oil, wood stain, Varnish, Quality Canvas
£ 1,300
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The paintings are shipped without frame to avoid damages during international delivery. You can decide to frame them or stretch it, depends on your taste. It's beautiful both ways. It's very easy to get the art stretched or framed in any of your local framing shop.

Monochrome Painting

I had always a special feeling for monochrome painting. When the artist has only one color on his palette for me represent a depth study and a big challenge for any subject.

I have been so pleased to realize at the end of my work that red color in monochrome is very difficult to approach. The RED is most challenging color from a visual point of view. So, I tried to control it better through a picture of fields captured by the red photographic filter.

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fig. 1 - 'Duotone' artwork by Calina Lefter
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fig. 2 - 'Duotone' artwork by Calina Lefter