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Erftstadt Court Panels - Public art / Wokingham New Artwork Brings Wokingham’s Erftstadt Connection To Life

By Wokingham Town Council | Location Erftstadt Court

Press Release

Town Hall Market Place Wokingham RG40 1AS

New Artwork Brings Wokingham’s Erftstadt Connection To Life


15th February 2023

Wokingham Town Council is delighted to announce that three new original pieces of art will adorn the walls of Erftstadt Court.

Erftstadt Court, the gateway between Denmark Street and the new Elms Field development, is the perfect location to highlight the connectivity between Wokingham and our twin town of Erftstadt, and both town’s natural environment. The new artworks will also bring colour and light to the red brick surrounds and cover areas which have been plagued by graffiti.

After the success of the mural project just off Denmark Street, which depicts an aerial view of Wokingham, the Town Council’s Elms Field and Howard Palmer Gardens Working Party identified the Erftstadt gateway as a location which could be improved through the introduction of art. Due to scale and complexity of creating murals in these spaces, the Arts and Culture Committee decided to commission a local artist in early 2022 to create three paintings and reproduce these as large weatherproof panels.

Artist Calina Lefter was chosen from several local artists for her use of semi-abstraction, bold use of colour and textured painterly style. The inspiration behind her artworks titled ‘Heimat’, ‘Hope’ and ‘Home’ can be found below.

Artist Calina Lefter said:

All of the artworks have names beginning with H. It was important to me to keep the titles short and straightforward to the concept, to highlight and support the images with all its emblematic meaning. If I look at the “H” shape I see two connected lands.

Cllr Sally Gurney, Chair of Art and Culture Committee:

Erftstadt Court is an important gateway to the town, connecting new facilities, businesses and infrastructure with the historic heart of the town. The new artwork celebrates our connection to the area’s namesake Erftstadt, bringing interest and light to the gateway and we hope many will stop, interpret and admire them on they way across town.

We’ve also been working with other Town Council committees, Wokingham in Bloom and local businesses to enhance the connection of the Erftstadt gateway to the rest of the town through the introduction of Christmas lights, planters and hanging baskets.

Our thanks go to not only the artist herself, but to Richard Young of R Young Art Gallery in neighbouring Alexandra Court, who has been instrumental in helping the Town Council bring the panels to life. Richard’s advice, knowledge and help in the scanning of the artwork and production of the panels was invaluable. They will be protected for the future through the application of Graffiti and UV protection.

We are very pleased to confirm that the original paintings will be placed in Wokingham Library on public display.

You can find out more about the project and the artworks at www.wokingham-tc.gov.uk/public-art/

The panels are:


Takes the coat of arms of Erftstadt and reimagines it as a tree filled with light, with deep roots. A hopeful symbol and one that embraces the concept of a Tree of Life and a community in itself.



Home - artwork by Calina Lefter

A pastoral scene, finding aspects of a small town or village surrounded by green fields and natural features. A murmuration of birds form the title of the piece in the sky.



Heimat - artwork by Calina Lefter

The German word for home, tying us back to Erftstadt and the concept of community. A handful of birds feature, making a connection to ‘Home’. Reciprocally the water in Home is featured more prominently here in ‘Heimat’ (Erftstadt being the Town on the river Erft). You will find the title of the artwork in the ripples of the water.

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