Anais tree

2013 artwork by Calina Lefter

ANAIS TREE - size  xlarge - artwork Mixed media PALETTE KNIFE Dripping On Canvas, Texture, Impasto Style (58.5 x 39 x 1.6 inch) - 2013 - artwork by Calina Lefter

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  • Size (58.5 x 39 x 1.6 inch)
  • Materials: oil, acrylic, enamel, wood stain, protective varnish
  • Tag & Style: wall art
  • ID: 2013011
Anais tree artwork by Calina Lefter

In this large painting I wanted to represent the sweetness of life that we do not realize. We already know that the tree symbolizes our life and the fruit of them represents all our actions and achievements. It depends on us how sweet is the fruits of our tree.
I used bright and shiny colors as it should be in everyone's life.