• Solo Soul
  • Solo Soul

Solo Soul - artwork by Calina Lefter

Dimensions (cm)
50W x 50H x 4 D cm
(single panel - cotton deep canvas)
£ 480

The Artwork can be ready in 7-9 days
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* Your painting will be created very similar in same style, color and size.
After you order, I will start to create your painting within 1 day. I will finish it within 7-9 days . Then, I will send you an image of the painting for your acceptance. You can cancel the order and get a full money refund at any time.

Artist from the poetic and introspective vein, Calina Lefter takes inspiration from the real landscape view to create imaginary worlds of remarkable lyrical intensity, enriched by bright flashes and interesting polymateric contrasts. The favorite subjects are natural landscapes of great breath, captured in special moments of the day and witnesses of the progressive change of seasons, or still life in home-made interiors of metaphysical imprint, where time seems so dilated to appear almost absent. Everything lies suspended between reality and dream, in an intimate and inner dimension that lives in memory and expectation. Observing her work carefully she sees a material stratification, but also of slow, gradual, cured and methodical meaning, aimed at the ultimate achievement of a compositional harmony that can attract the spectator in a new and sensual context. It is difficult to resist the temptation to touch with the hand the tactile surfaces of her paintings: ripples of color, dripping, and a great variety of fabrics, now soft, now stiffer, now smooth and now perforated, seem to wait for us to bring us back I remember the feelings already experienced before. Dialogue between so many different materials is tight and tight, a compositional game that reveals a lively and passionate experimentalism that leaves the free matter of expressing through those properties that are their own. The artist seems to be orchestrating with tonal modulation mastery, which, following each other, suggests a brilliant and well-calibrated rhythm, made of long pauses and counterpoint. The large spots of color, animated by innumerable colors, alternate with elements of their own specificity and carefully detailed, forcing the eye to follow an irregular path and to dwell on certain details and then, mentally, to rebuild a “own

“A vision that is not only the visual evidence suggested by the painter but a unique and personal vision. The titles of the works themselves, “Drops of Stars”, “Rain Today”, “Waiting for Dinner” and “Winter Night”, reveal this desire to stop a particular moment of your life, crystallize their moods Transpose on the canvas a feeling that can be captured and shared by others. They also reveal conflicting feelings; A delicate and enveloping bottom melancholy, drained in the warm and bright vision of so many dear and beloved natural landscapes, where to refresh the mind tired of the afflictions of everyday life.

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fig. 1 - 'Solo Soul' artwork by Calina Lefter
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fig. 2 - 'Solo Soul' artwork by Calina Lefter