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Colazione - artwork by Calina Lefter

Mixed media on canvas
Dimensions (cm)
100W x 100H x 4 D cm
(Single pannel - Cotton deep canvas)
Oil, acrylic, enamel, pearlescent colors, protective varnish
£ 1,620
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Long time ago I tried to approach this range of colours but I don’t found yet the best subject for this idea until one day during my breakfast. That day, in my cup of coffee, I saw this picture.

While I take my breakfast in the studio the ravens do the same thing in the dark forest with animals bodies. That’s why I titled this large painting “Breakfast”.

I used high quality color and gallery wrap style canvas (has staples at the back), the edges are already colored in harmony with the rest of the composition so, it can be hung on the wall.

placeholder image
fig. 1 - 'Colazione' artwork by Calina Lefter
placeholder image
fig. 2 - 'Colazione' artwork by Calina Lefter